Revolutionary presets and camera profiles to streamline your workflow and produce beautiful results. VSCO Film works within Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw, with custom camera profiles for Canon, Fuji, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, and Sony.

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Agfa Vista 400

Examples of presets

Kodak E200 ++

Examples of presets

TMAX 3200 -

Examples of presets

Fuji Fortia SP

VSCO Film Essentials $59

A selection of the best and most popular films from each of the seven distinct VSCO Film packs.

Modern Films $59

Clean and minimal, this pack emulates the look of popular, contemporary film stock. Ideal for editorial, wedding, and everything in between.

Alternative Process Films $59

Vibrant and dramatic, this collection is ideal for outdoor and lifestyle photography, modern portraiture, and sunwashed settings.

Archetype Films $59

These classic consumer film emulations add a retro element to images, and is ideal for creating highly stylized lifestyle shots.

Eclectic Films $59

Our most versatile pack contains 18 films and 100+ presets. It’s modern, elegant, and clean, and is ideal for almost any setting or subject.

Classic Films $59

Vintage-inspired, this diverse pack recreates the look of many discontinued film stocks, and works well for portraits.

Slide Films $59

With high contrasts and bold colors, this collection is ideal for travel, landscape, street, and fashion photography.

Instant Films $59

Classic and nostalgic, this highly-stylized collection recreates the looks of traditional instant films.

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