VSCO Keys is a powerful keyboard shortcut tool created to drastically reduce image editing time in Adobe Lightroom 5, 4 and 3.

The Keys Of Speed

Fast. Quick. Rapid. Whatever synonym you choose, VSCO Keys is the solution for improving the speed of your photo processing workflow. By eliminating time-consuming mouse movements, photographers can blaze through stacks of images with efficiency. VSCO Keys will drastically reduce image processing time, enabling photographers to get away from the computer screen, and back behind the lens.


VSCO Keys simplifies your Lightroom workflow. Edit your images how you want using any keyboard or combination of keyboard, mouse and brush tools. VSCO Keys does not force specific panel layouts or modes, allowing greater editing freedom and flexibility.

VSCO Keys For All

VSCO Keys is a superior product at a superior price. Priced at only $79 (and even less for our loyal, repeat customers), VSCO Keys is an economical, time-saving instrument created for photographers.

Change Is Good

Change means progress. Change means pushing the envelope. Change means customizing your VSCO Keys configuration to best suit your needs and editing style. Why be stuck to a pre-determined keyboard layout? Easily tailor your shortcut keys (even save multiple configurations) using our simple online app. Leave your unwieldy external keyboard overlay on the shelf and embrace customization.