Matt Furman is an exceptional photographer based out of New York City. Working for a wide range of clients, photographing everything from portraiture, sports, documentary, and interiors, Matt handles any situation that comes his way with grace. Able to accomplish a style all his own regardless of the task, one can tell by the way that Matt lights, composes, and directs his subjects that he has mastered his craft as a digital photographer.  

A few months ago, Matt was contacted by Leslie DeLa Vega, the photo editor at Fast Company. In their May issue, they ran a feature on Jenna Lyons, the creative director at J. Crew. Requiring photos of her work environment for the article, Matt  

was given the assignment to capture Jenna’s office as well as the rest of the J. Crew workspace. Given only an hour to photograph the space with no flash and no assistant, Matt rose to the challenge and from this short timeframe created a plethora of interesting images. Capturing the interplay between the creative and business aspects of the J. Crew workspace, Matt’s photos provide an intimate and colorful journey into a scene that is fascinating and at times bordering the surreal.  

All of Matt’s wonderful imagery of the J. Crew offices were processed using VSCO Film™ 03.  

What was unique about shooting this project compared to previous documentary shoots you’ve done?

I had a PR person guiding me around and essentially telling me what I could shoot and what was off limits. The reason for this was because they’re working on several seasons ahead and don’t want certain stuff to be getting out to the public yet. Understandable, but that was somewhat challenging. Sometimes, you gotta go with the flow and make the best of it though.

Which VSCO Film pack did you use to process your images?

At the time, the VSCO Film 03 pack had just come out - or at least, I had just bought it and was testing and really liked the Polaroid 690 Warm preset. I knew I wanted to bring some warmth to these pictures, and it worked great. I ended up dialing back the grain and opening up the shadows, and that was pretty much it.


Matt Furman


Favorite places to shop:

Billy Kirk, Levi's, Need Supply Co., Billy Reid