100Cameras is an organization that uses photography as a means to empower marginalized children, ranging in age from 10 to 18 years old. Their program involves teaching kids the art of photography, providing a platform to share their imagery with a global audience & facilitating an opportunity to raise funds for the betterment of their community. In most cases, these children have limited or no access to needs such as medical care, education, food, clean water, or shelter. Encouraging youth to express themselves through photography builds a healthy confidence, and the gift of a camera becomes a source of joy, despite the child’s hardships.

We are excited to begin a partnership with 100Cameras, valuing their mission & desiring to offer our support. We were thrilled when 100Cameras gave VSCO the opportunity to curate the children’s images from their Cuba, Sudan, & New York City projects. The chosen photos, processed with VSCO Film™, are available for sale on 100Camera’s website. In accordance with 100Camera’s mission, 100% of the photo sales are given back to the children and their community. Half of the funds provide for lifeline supplies, educational resources, or healthcare; the remaining finances supply ongoing project implementation, including the cost to produce prints. Separate fundraising efforts cover all administrative and overhead costs.

On March 21st, 100Cameras launched their fundraising campaign “The Power of Perspective” with a central event in New York City and numerous satellite fundraisers worldwide. Today marks a big step for 100Cameras, opening up the campaign to the public. With an all or nothing goal of raising $50,000 by May 4th, multiple tiers of rewards are available in relation to the financial pledge made. The money raised would serve to enable 100Cameras to expand their current program: implementing two projects per year, building operations to sell more of the children’s imagery, & packaging a toolkit that would equip photographers to implement their own 100Cameras projects. 

The following imagery, photographed by children in Cuba & Sudan, serve as a reminder that each artist’s journey has a beginning. 100Cameras introduced these children to a means by which they can share their perspective with the world, and we would like to encourage you to support their vision either by purchasing a print or making a donation. 

To date, 100Cameras has completed projects in Cuba, South Sudan, New York City, & India. What locations will 100Cameras be working in next?

We are planning to hopefully be able to implement two projects this year:

Baltimore, MD, USA

This summer, 100Cameras will join forces with refugee youth project in Baltimore where we will work with 10 refugee youth. through this project, we will support ryp in preventing drop out, preparing for college and/or a career, and promoting creative expression to build self-esteem and foster community among diverse Refugee youth populations.


Potential international partnerships are still being considered for late 2013.  We are considering many locations that span the globe in regions that will be new for 100Cameras. Possible locations include the Middle East, Eastern Europe, South America, and East Asia.

In 100Cameras photojournalism courses, what are the children taught?

100Cameras teaches children how to tell their story through photography. Our photography course gives children the opportunity to express the realities of their everyday through images. With cameras in hand, the children become the storytellers in ways that a foreigner could not. This encourages a stronger self-view, resulting in higher levels of confidence and ownership in their identity, and ultimately, in their future.

The 100Cameras photojournalism course consists of photography classes that include the following:

1) Tool belt exercises to teach and apply skills in a controlled environment. This tool belt includes skills such as exposure, depth-of-field, shutter speed, motion blur, and flash.
2) Interactive activities & assignments to practice the lessons learned.
3) Field trips around the community to then apply lessons learned in an uncontrolled environment.

The course also has coordinating journalism classes that include group activities, discussions, and writing assignments. These classes enable 100Cameras staff to have a deeper understanding of how the photographers think that others see them and how they want the world to view them. This allows the staff to be able to encourage the kids to identify their role in the world and the future of their community.

What are some tangible changes you have seen in the communities 100Cameras has worked in?

Through the 100Cameras photography course, 36 children have learned the power of photography. Through those children, 1,320 additional children have benefited from positive change in their communities. The children’s photo sales have raised $36,000 to date. Following are some metrics for what change this money has made possible in these communities: 

$17,000 in proceeds have been given back to Sudan.  That equals $75K Sudanese pounds (7x the average income).
- a fence was built around the campus, protecting them from the rebel forces in Sudan
- critical maintenance was provided for the truck that transports all food and medicine for the children
- funds for medicine & food 

$12,000 has been given back to Cuba. That’s $318,000 Cuban Pesos (53x the average income).
- over 2,000 community members or people received medicine and medical supplies
- 1,000 received reading glasses
- 20 members in Cuba participated in the first vocational training 

$3,000 has gone to NYC.
- 40 children gained access to use of 3 computers for study.
- One of the students in NYC has gone on to work at the community center that brought her 100cameras.

We just began releasing our India portfolio last week.
- The children’s photo sales will provide medicine for over 700 children and access to mobile medical care for more than 2,500 community members. 

The total breakdown of how the $36,000 has been given back to our partner organizations in each child’s community is as follows. (This includes our projects in South Sudan, Cuba, & NYC).
- 63% of total amount toward lifeline supplies including food, clean water, and shelter
- 15% of total amount toward medicine and medical supplies
- 22% of total amount toward education including educational technology and supplies 

What are various ways someone can come alongside 100Cameras & partner with your mission?

- Make a pledge towards our current campaign & help 100cameras launch it’s next phase.
- Volunteer your time & talents.
- Purchase a photograph to help change a community.
- Submit an application to recommend a partner organization for a future project.
- Host a “Snapshot Fundraiser” in you community (email for details)
- Share the story of 100Cameras with your community: Facebook | Twitter | Vimeo | Blog