As a photographer, artist, and entrepreneur, Jeremy Cowart consistently redefines the label of “Creative”. Never content with the status quo, Jeremy isn’t afraid to experiment, exploring new methods and coming up with out of the box photography techniques. The results of his boldness are both awe-inspring and inspirational. 

Previously, we had the honor of getting a behind the scenes glimpse into his process, documented here via video. After witnessing firsthand his abilities, we were excited to place VSCO Film™ 03 into his hands and see how he would use this pack of instant film emulations to re-imagine his post processing. 

The following portraits of musicians Mat Kearney, Courtney Jaye and Thad Cockrell, photographed at the Nashville jean maker's shop Imogene + Willie, are stunning in their compositions, creativity and editing.

Jeremy’s motto is “Stay Inspired.” We don’t know how one couldn’t be inspired upon viewing this collection of images.