05 06 14 vsco reportage

With Honor


VSCO is an art and technology company building an ecosystem of digital tools, services and community for modern creatives. We are unabashedly “by creatives, for creatives”, we value art and artists over decimals and dollars, and we are dedicated to those that create with reckless abandon. Since our beginning, we have made tough decisions by asking, “Is this best for the creative?” That will never change.


We set out to make tools we wanted to use ourselves and a brand we were proud to wear on our chest. From the start, struggle was the only thing that came easy. We worked all-nighters in a closet-size office in the pursuit of perfection. We launched VSCO Cam, Grid, Film, Keys and Journal. We won awards, including Apple’s App of the Year in 13 countries. We turned down acquisition interests. We started the VSCO Artist Initiative, a scholarship artist fund, to allow artists to pursue their creative visions. And through it all, we knew we hadn’t even reached the starting line.


But this has never been just about VSCO. This is about all of us, the creative community, banding together for the sake of beauty and doing what we love. This is about pouring every ounce of blood, sweat and tears into something worth believing in. This is about the power of art for art’s sake and the belief that a photo can change perspectives, moods and lives. This is about a worldwide movement of millions creating for the love of craft and community.

Thank you to everyone who purchased VSCO Film, uploaded an image to VSCO Grid or edited their photographs in VSCO Cam. Thank you for your support, your constructive criticism, and most of all, believing in VSCO. We would not exist without you.


Today, we are proud to announce we are taking our first ever investment from Accel Partners with participation from Goldcrest Investments. Through the course of many conversations, we realized how closely aligned our visions were for creating a strong, creative-centric ecosystem that focused on art and artist. We are grateful for their belief in VSCO, and more importantly, in the creative community.

Their investment allows VSCO to build better creative tools and fund more artists to freely create. It keeps VSCO independent and free from gimmicks that detract from the overall experience.

So how will the money be used? Simply put, it goes back into the community.

First off, we will continue to build an ecosystem of tools and services for the creative community. We have a massive, unrealized vision to redefine the entire process around creating, editing, sharing and connecting.


Secondly, this investment allows us to better scale our infrastructure for the international community, which represents the majority of the VSCO community. This will greatly improve the performance of VSCO Cam, VSCO Grid and VSCO Journal, among others.


Finally, we are increasing the VSCO Artist Initiative, our scholarship to allow artist’s to pursue their creative vision, from $100,000 to $1,000,000. Accel has generously donated $500,000 to the fund as a testament of their belief in the VSCO creative community. This is a rare and generous move, and for this, they should be applauded.

From documenting the people of a former slave island or the underground world of minor league wrestling to large scale mixed media pieces in otherworldly environments, we’ve already seeded twelve projects, and this will greatly increase the number of compelling projects that can be funded.


We do this for the professional photographer striving for the perfect image, for the barista with dreams of making more than lattes, for the illustrator burning the midnight oil. We ask you to join us - Let’s Build Something Beautiful Together!


If we lose, we lose with honor in our hearts and camera in hand.
If we win, we win together.