VSCO Film™ 03 Tutorial x Grant Heinlein

I grew up after Polaroid's prime, and by the time I was deeply interested in creating photographs, the means of actually shooting instantly became increasingly more difficult and expensive. That being said, the new Film Pack™ 03, which focuses on the art and true beauty of instant photography, has given me the chance to explore what I have always felt like I missed out on.

The new presets in this pack are incredibly versatile, believable, and just downright beautiful. On top of that, the new toolkit really allows for authentic Polaroid effects with decreased clarity, various tones, grain, and old lens styles, among others. As I was making my way through the different presets, I was first struck by how many films there were, over 115, and second by how within a couple of clicks, I was able to completely transform my images. Above are a few examples of what I came up with, and below, you’ll find a step-by-step tutorial on how I went about editing one of my photos. 


1. Import: Original File


2. Preset: PX-680 Warm +

3. Tool: Old Lens / +


4. Tool: Highlight Save

5. Tool: Tone- PX Cool 4

6. Crop: 1 x 1 Square

7. Tool: Vignette - Heavy


There are an unbelievable amount of variations, combining presets, tones, and other toolkit items to truly create a style of your own.  I really love what this pack is capable of, and I think all of you will too. If you want to pick this up for youself, visit the VSCO store.

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