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The VSCO Artist Initiative

We are proud to announce the VSCO Artist Initiative, a $100,000 USD scholarship fund providing artists the resources to pursue their creative vision. As a “by creatives, for creatives” company, we are committed to empowering artists from around the world.

The Initiative is a movement of solidarity, a commonwealth of creatives who value art and those that make it. Recipients will document their ideation and creation process on VSCO Grid, with the end result sold as books or prints via the VSCO Store and physical gallery exhibitions.

Any profits are divided between the artist and a reinvestment in the Initiative, enabling future projects for other artists. In this manner, the creative community can build a growing and sustainable movement built upon principles of integrity and artistry. If this is to flourish, we, the creative class, must band together and support one another.

Aligning with members of the VSCO creative community has always been an integral part of our mission. While we initially only built digital tools for creatives, our vision soon expanded to supporting and aligning with creatives through other channels, including the VSCO Journal. We collaborated with creative powerhouse Street Etiquette to create a fashion shoot, coffee table book, custom Presets and a gallery show, all based around an upcoming film. It was our first foray into what would eventually become the Initiative. Later in 2013, after discussions with multiple photographers who encouraged us to formalize a scholarship fund, we set out to make the Initiative an official extension of VSCO.

As a small, unfunded company, this is a substantial risk for us. But we know it is the right thing to do. We are committed to the creative, and this is one of the most tangible ways we can demonstrate that. We believe every company can choose to be a Prince John or a Robin Hood, either a selfish and hoarding “king” or a fighter who gives back to the community for the greater good. The Initiative works only if we, the greater commonwealth of creatives, support one another. Please join us in honoring art and artist.

We'd like to introduce you to the first six artists who have been selected to participate in the VSCO Artist Initiative. We believe in their vision and are excited to come alongside them and contribute to their artistic endeavors.

Kevin Russ

Traversing the United States in his car, Kevin Russ is as much a modern day explorer as a photographer. Kevin captures quiet, nostalgic moments of life on the road, wildlife and rural environments.


Street Etiquette

Street Etiquette is a notable, trend-setting company rooted in fashionable menswear. Based in New York City, Street Etiquette exhibits a cultivated street style, while managing to still convey a down to earth perspective on fashion.


Lauren Marek

Lauren Marek’s work has an organic sensibility that never feels forced, and her documentation of everyday instances provide a much needed voice within modern photography. With a honest and decisive eye, Marek documents her surroundings in her small but spirited hometown of Bellville, Texas.


Chris & Jon Schoonover

Brothers and partners in crime, Chris and Jon Schoonover’s aesthetic is bold and colorful, oftentimes bordering on the bizarre. Based out of the New York area, Chris and Jon’s images convey a sense of artistry and wonder.


Leon Yan

Heralding from Shanghai, China, Leon Yan is a multi-talented artist who writes, directs, and edits films. Yan’s work is cinematic in nature, and each scene he captures seems to carry a story or reflection within.


Nirav Patel

Nirav’s photographs reveal a man who captures the feelings that exist in joyous and quiet moments alike. Nirav’s subject matter is diverse, yet his photographic style maintains a clear, cohesive point of view by utilizing strong lines and lighting.


To learn more about the Initiative and apply for a scholarship, please visit the VSCO Artist Initiative page.