Slim: The Thinnest Wallet

Aaron & Erik Melander are the two brothers behind Supr Good Co., a company on a mission to create products that help people live more simply. “We believe that by having products that help simplify our lives, that helps us focus on the things that really matter.”

Through Kickstarter, the brothers spread word of their Supr Slim Wallet, believing in this day and age all you really need in your wallet are your essential cards. The wallet, made of highly durable elastic, is designed to stretch and hold up to 10 cards, while still keeping its grip should you decided to carry less. With an initial goal of 450 wallets purchased pre-production, the Melanders were pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic response to their minimalistic wallet. Currently, over 5,900 people have made a pledge in support of the wallet’s creation. “We feel fortunate that through Kickstarter, we have been able to access this amazing community of people who share our design philosophy of living more simply. It is fun to think about what we can create next. Right now, we are looking at ways to simplify the physical products that we personally use everyday. However, we are also considering some application concepts that will help make life more streamlined. It is really exciting for us to look at an idea and think 'I want that to be real' and know that there is a platform like Kickstarter that we can use to turn it into reality.”

Funding for their project ends tomorrow, September 5th. So, hurry on over to their Kickstarter page to pledge your support & stake your claim on one of these simple and functional wallets, available in 6 different colors.

The following product images were processed using VSCO Film.