Introducing VSCO Grid™


We are excited to give you a preview of VSCO Grid™, a free minimalist publishing platform for showcasing the best in mobile photography. Founded on the idea that beauty can be found by anyone in anyplace, grid is a celebration of creativity and life. Directly integrated into the new VSCO Cam™, publishing content to VSCO Grid™ is seamless and easy.


While we are interested in genuine, human connections, VSCO Grid™ is not a social network. You’ll notice an absence of standard social network fare: comments, reblogs, number of followers, etc. We hope people discover new creatives and their work, but VSCO Grid™ is focused on craft, curation and content, and less on followers and likes.

To be clear, this is NOT intended to challenge Instagram. VSCO Grid™ is built for a different purpose with different goals. We highly encourage photographers to share their VSCO Cam™ images via Instagram.



VSCO Grid™ will initially be limited to a small but growing group of creators as new concepts and features are tested. We aren’t trying to build fake “hype” or be elitist. Simply put, we must scale VSCO Grid™ properly for long term sustainability. If you are interested in creating a Grid, you will be able to let us know within the new VSCO Cam™. We’ll send you an email when your VSCO Grid™ is ready to be created.




The new VSCO Cam™ is now available in the App Store. We will frequently be sharing various photographer’s Grids here on the Journal. We ourselves are enjoying using VSCO Cam™ and VSCO Grid™. If you are interested, here are some VSCO Grids created by members of our own VSCO team.

Jerad Knudson /

Christina Rouse /

Jeremey Fleischer /

Connor McSheffrey /

Wayne Wu /

Greg Lutze /

Carter Moore /

Joel Flory /

Joanne Encarnacion /

This is only the beginning. Let’s build something beautiful together.

If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our support page.