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Polaroid captured the imagination of a generation when it introduced it’s instant film technology in 1948. Fast forward to present day, and the beautiful tones and magical tints are valued for their timeless qualities.

Whether inspired by the clean, commercial look of films like Fuji FP 100c or the sun-drenched vibe of Polaroid 690, VSCO Film™ 03 for Lightroom 4 and Adobe Camera Raw 7 represent the most diverse (and largest) VSCO Film™ pack yet. VSCO Film™ 03 is overflowing with over 115 film emulations representing both present day film stock, as well as expired vintage stock.

Born out of a passion for all things analog photography, VSCO Film™ 03 represents over six months of research, development and testing to create the most compelling realism in instant film emulation.

VSCO Film™ 03 is not an update or an upgrade, rather a new pack filled with completely new film presets & toolkit items.

VSCO Film™ 03 also includes a new custom toolkit specifically tailored to help achieve an accurate & authentic Instant film look. Tools such as clarity down, sharpness down, old lens, various toning looks, and heavy vignette are new additions to aid in your image processing.

As lovers of all things photography, we enthusiastically embrace the latest breed of cameras from Fujifilm. Stunning design coupled with fantastic image quality, Fuji is making all the right moves. With the launch of VSCO Film™ 03, we are excited to release our first set of Fuji custom camera profiles, taking digital film emulation for Fuji owners to the next level.

For two weeks only, VSCO Film™ 03 will be on sale for 25% off! If you currently own VSCO Film™ 01 or 02, receive 50% off VSCO Film™ 03 for the next two weeks, normally priced at $119. Don’t own VSCO Film™ yet? Simply buy any one pack for full price and receive VSCO Film™ 03 for half off. This offer is good until February 26th. So act fast!

Check out the VSCO Film™ 03 samples below & find a larger collection of examples on the VSCO Film™ page.

Time-Zero Polaroid (Expired) / Image by Eleanor Petry

Polaroid 690 Warm / Image by Nicole Franzen

Time-Zero Polaroid (Expired) Cold --- / Image by Shantanu Starick

Fuji FP-100c Negative++ Alt / Image by Grant Heinlein

PX-100UV+ Warm / Image by Nicole Franzen

Fuji FP100c Negative ++ / Image by Choate House

Fuji FP-100c / Image by Andria Lindquist

PX-70 Warm-- / Image by Finn Beales

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