Diversity of Film 03

Of our film packs to date, VSCO Film 03 for Lightroom 4 & Adobe Camera Raw 7 contains our most varied selection of looks. Emulating instant films ranging from present day film stock to expired vintage films, a single image can take on many diverse faces. With over 115 presets, plus a Film 03 specific toolkit, we’ve given you even more editing power with this version of VSCO Film. Whether desiring pronounced blue or yellow hues, a more neutral middle ground or a timeless black and white look, VSCO Film 03 delivers quality filters inspired by Polaroid, Fuji, & The Impossible Project.

You can see a video tutorial and walkthrough of VSCO Film 03 here.

To demonstrate some of the many styles that can be achieved with our third film pack, we processed Eleanor Petry's lovely photograph in 12 various ways, just a small sampling of the options VSCO Film 03 affords.

Original Image

PX-70 Cold ++

Polaroid 690 -

PX-70 Cold + / Old Lens + / Clarity Down ++ / PX Cool 4 Tone

Fuji FP-100c Negative ++ Alt 2

PX-70 Cold --

Polaroid 690 Warm -- / Old Lens +++ / Clarity Down + / Polaroid 665 Warm 2 Tone

PX-70 Warm +

Time-Zero Polaroid (Expired)

PX-70 +++

PX-100UV+ Cold +++ / Clarity down+ / Old Lens ++ / Contrast +58

Fuji FP-3000b +++

Polaroid 665 Negative HC

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