Discover VSCO Grid℠: Red

It’s easy to get lost in the vast quantity of excellent photos posted to VSCO Grid. The VSCO community is constantly adding beautiful, attention-grabbing images. One of the best ways to discover these exceptional photographs is through the Image and Map Search on VSCO Grid. By searching keywords, you can find relevant images from all corners of the world. Try typing in the name of your favorite color, a place you’ve always wanted to visit, or an emotion you’re feeling to see a beautiful grouping of images that share a common keyword.

The color red can be used to alert us of danger, grab our attention, evoke romantic feelings, and add flare to the drab. Bold and fiery, it’s no wonder that red is the color of love, of passion. Perhaps the most vibrant hue in the color spectrum, a pop of red in a scene can make a strong statement and add a dynamic element to a photograph.

Today, we’d like to share a collection of a few of our favorite photos featuring the bright, eye-catching blush of red. Though diverse in content, these images are united by their inclusion of this vibrant hue. To find more photos showcasing the color red, be sure to utilize the Image Search on VSCO Grid.

Image by Tim Lampe / M3 Preset

Image by Unique Lapin

Image by Joyce / LV1 Preset

Image by Asiyami Gold / C1 Preset

Image by Markus Vollmer

Image by Zach Rose / G3 Preset

Benjamin Hole x VSCO Cam® x VSCO Grid℠

In the south of England on the Isle of Purbeck, Benjamin Hole makes a living as a farmer, working the land and caring for an array of animals on his family’s farm. Although he would not describe himself as a photographer, his astounding images of foggy landscapes and endearing farm animals display his exceptional talent for documentary photography. In this technological era, where we are bombarded with sleek and polished imagery, Benjamin’s photographs remind us of simpler times. They reveal a quiet lifestyle, where humankind lives harmoniously with the animals and earth. “I’m grateful that I’m able to share these little moments with so many other people now. But what am I trying to communicate? Really, just a genuine portrayal of farming life on our foggy little Isle. In an age where the importance of knowing exactly where our food comes from and how what we eat has a direct effect on our health, I hope that even in the subtlest of ways, my photos will help people reconnect with the land.”

Benjamin has a wonderful eye for capturing the serenity of the countryside. His photos showcase intimate and one-of-a-kind moments, where farm animals exist contentedly within their picturesque landscapes. Even though life on a farm may seem slow-going and uneventful to outsiders, his images prove that there are an endless amount of surprising moments and beauty surrounding animals and nature. One can easily tell that Benjamin’s photos aren’t contrived and that connecting with the animals is important to him. “Though we have a good many animals on the farm, they all have their own personalities and some stand out from the crowd. That friendly old cow that would come and find you for a head scratch, or the grumpy sheep who’d stamp her feet and snort her nostrils if you got too close to her newborn lamb (Though give her a bucket of feed, and she’d become your best friend too!). No matter how long our animals spend on our farm, they all become very much a part of our lives. I guess I try my best to capture these individual personalities in my photos.”

Below, read Benjamin’s wonderful insights into the history of the family farm where he works and lives. All of the outstanding shots below were processed using VSCO Cam. To see more beautiful imagery documenting his life on the farm, check out Benjamin’s personal VSCO Grid.


“Nature is an incredibly complex thing. I guess being a farmer teaches that the only way forward is to work with nature, not against it, and make the best of these little complexities.”



“My Grandfather emigrated from his native New Zealand in the late 1940’s and set sail for England. Here he met my Grandmother. They had a dream to start their own farm. In 1962, a little farm on the Isle of Purbeck became their home. 50 years on and we’re still here. I guess farming is in my blood, and I hope in 50 years time, I’ll be exactly where I am now. Our daily chores on the farm vary throughout the seasons. In the wetter months, through the winter, we bring all our cattle indoors; so we spend our days feeding and bedding them with fresh straw. In the spring, we lamb our sheep and calve our cows. The summer months are all about preparing for the winter ahead, we make hay and harvest our crops. Autumn, we plough and replant our fields ready for next year’s harvest, and we get our barns ready to bring the animals back indoors again. Before we know it, we’ve gone full circle. The great thing with this variety is that you're always looking forward to the next season.”



“On a farm, everyday’s a school day. You learn new things about animals all the time; it’s amazing what they can teach you about nature if you just take a moment to observe. The land itself also teaches you an awful lot. From the outside, watching a tractor ploughing the same field for 12 hours a day may seem quite dull (and don’t get me wrong there are times when you think to yourself, ‘Will this field ever end?’). But in this time, you really do get to know each field as an individual in its own right, the undulations in the ground and the variations in the soil. The weather too is a constant teacher; so many things we do are governed by it.”



“Through my photography, I try to capture the ebb and flow of life here on our farm. I’d say I try my best to capture nature in its simplest way. Though I take a lot of photos, I would in no way describe myself as a photographer, just a farmer with an iPhone really. I’d say I’ve been using VSCO Cam for around a year and a half now, and since then, it has been my go-to app for editing. I find it gives my photos a softened finished, with subtle shadowing and warm, earthy tones. To me, this truly reflects the landscape and the slower pace of life here. I do play around with different presets, but I’d say T1 is my most used. Its a foggy little place, the Isle of Purbeck, and I’m delighted that the new A6 preset seems to compliment that perfectly.”


Discover VSCO Grid℠: Portraits

It is easy to discover fantastic images from all around the world by exploring Image and Map Search on VSCO Grid. There are countless intimate portraits, gorgeous landscapes, and interesting objects that showcase unique perspectives and are deserving of appreciation.

Portraits tell stories unlike any other type of photography. By looking deep into another human being’s eyes and examining his or her face, we come to notice subtleties about that individual’s personality and history. Just as an aerial shot of the earth shows the life and death of flora and the history of rivers is embedded on its surface, so the expressions and lines on an individual’s face hold abstract clues to their story.

Displaying a diverse group of cherished and personal instances, below are some of our favorite portraits culled from VSCO Grid. In addition to the images below, make sure to explore more beautiful photographs featuring people from around the world by using the Image Search on VSCO Grid.

Image by Geo D

Discover VSCO Grid℠: Yellow

There are so many excellent VSCO Cam images that deserve to be recognized. Exploring Image and Map Search on VSCO Grid is one of the best ways to discover the multitude of exceptional photos shared on VSCO Grid. Whether it be a place, person, object, color, or preset, seeing groupings of images located in both near and far off regions is astounding.

Yellow, the color of the sun, pollen, autumn leaves and so on, is a tone that reminds us of life and happiness. Colors speak a primordial and visceral language, and of all hues, yellow is one of the most vivid. Yellow can make the most bleak scenes shine, drawing in the viewer with it’s bright, poppy magnetism.

Showcasing a diverse group of moments, below are some of our favorite photos that contain yellow’s vibrant aura. In addition to the images below, make sure to examine more photos featuring the color yellow by utilizing the Image Search on VSCO Grid.

Image by Axel Oswith 

Image by Ilya Mikhaylov 

Image by Emilie Ristevski 

Image by Erica Zhu / C1 Preset

Discover VSCO Grid℠: B1 Preset

There is a wealth of incredible content that the global VSCO community is sharing on a consistent basis. One of the best ways to explore VSCO Cam images and VSCO Grid users is to discover places, people, things, and preset collections through the Image and Map Search on VSCO Grid.

Applying a black and white preset to an image can immediately give a sense of nostalgia and create a dramatic mood. Photography’s beginnings were founded upon black and white film, and it is an incredible testament to modern photography to see photographers coming full circle, exploring the realm of imagery converted through the shades of black, white, and grey. With exemplary moments showcasing classic and dreamlike instances, discover the B1 Preset through the spectacular photographs seen while searching VSCO Grid.

In addition to the following images, processed with B1, seek out more examples by searching B1 via the Image Search on VSCO Grid.

Image by Mehdi Teimory

Image by Justin Borsuk

Image by Denise Bovee

Image by Andy Ong

Image by Alex Tang

Image by Warren Silveira

Image by Alex and Nastya

Image by Tony Andrew

Image by Helen Hong

Image by Syakila Doming

Image by Vitor Sá