VSCO Cam® Weekly Selects 7/30/14

The photographs included in this week’s VSCO Cam Weekly Selects reveal scenes that are vibrant and lively. VSCO Grid is continually updated with images of moments that lift one’s spirit and affirm the joys of life. Whether they capture the quirky events that make us laugh or moments of pride that boost our confidence, photos have the power to instill positive change within us. We are proud of the VSCO community and people’s capacity to make the most of playful, sincere occasions. The 20th century photographer and early proponent of socially conscious photography, Berenice Abbot, exclaimed, “Some people are still unaware that reality contains unparalleled beauties. The fantastic and unexpected, the ever-changing and renewing is nowhere so exemplified as in real life itself.”

Thank you for capturing and sharing the joyful moments that unfold before you. To keep up-to-date on some of the best creatives and photographers on the web, be sure to regularly visit the curated VSCO Grid. Create your own VSCO Grid in-app to share your photos and easily follow other users in the VSCO community. Also, thank you for remembering to tag all the thoughtful, energetic moments you share with the hashtag #VSCOcam.

Image by Mara Lazaridou

Image by Majaklimk / G3

Image by Rune Ranch / HB2

Image by Hannah Durston / C1

Image by Abbey Taylor / C1 

Image by Angela Higgins / C2

Image by Lars Andersson

Image by Rui Ferreira / M5

Image by Chris Bowden / 06

Image by Ace Abellanosa / C1

Image by Eva Lind / M5

Image by Selma Ahlsand / C1

VSCO Cam® Weekly Selects 7/23/14

No matter how much creative freedom we may have as artists, chance and unexpected situations can have a wonderful way of usurping our control over carefully constructed scenes. A gust of wind may cause clothing or plants to sway in the breeze. A person may change their stance or facial expression in the millisecond before you click the shutter, revealing deep emotions beneath the surface. Even shifting clouds can illuminate the subject with sudden direct sunlight or diffused overcast light. All of these instances are beyond the photographer’s control and require the ability to adapt and discard any preconceived notions. Yet the ability to be affected by the subject may be of even more value to a photographer. It can be easy to over-manipulate a scene, which in the end can look inauthentic. Upholding the fundamental value of a subject is one of the artist’s greatest tools, even if that means reassessing his or her own vision. Diane Arbus, one of the greatest trailblazers for modern art and photography, divulged with poetic insight, “I work from awkwardness. By that I mean I don't like to arrange things. If I stand in front of something, instead of arranging it, I arrange myself.”

The images included in this week’s VSCO Cam Weekly Selects capture scenes that are curious, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind. Thank you for remaining open to the scene at hand and capturing pivotal moments. Make sure to keep up-to-date on some of the best photos currently shared on the web by visiting the curated VSCO Grid. Also, be sure to tag all of the incredible images you share with the hashtag #VSCOcam.

Image by Alex Ledford

Image by Joanna Andrews / K1

Image by Meowaddict / M5

Image by Anna / A6

Image by Kensberry / B5

Image by Nathalia Albar / E3

Image by Elizabeth Gilmore / C1

Image by Mohammed Aldosari / C1

Image by Edwin Lo / F2

Image by Jeremie Kyala / B1

Image by Alex Hareley / M5

Image by JP Chookaszian / A6

VSCO Cam® Weekly Selects 7/16/14

When looking at images uploaded to VSCO Grid, we see unique moments captured from places around the globe. Viewing such diverse subject matter can be a humbling experience, as we realize how narrow our field of vision is in regards to the larger picture. The world we live in is a complicated place, and our capacity to fully understand its intricacies is impossible. However, it is important that we try not to allow our lack of knowledge to affect our empathy and capacity to care about another’s perspective. Our feelings and thoughts have meaning; otherwise, documenting them through photography would hold no significance. Photography is a wonderful outlet that allows us to examine and experience the world around us, and we regularly see people of all backgrounds using this form of artistic expression to share their vision. The beautiful images included in this week’s VSCO Cam Weekly Selects spark a range of thoughts and emotions. Henri Cartier-Bresson, one of the most esteemed black-and-white street photographers from the 20th century, stated with such profound simplicity, “You just have to live and life will give you pictures.”

Thank you for sharing instances that are full of life and speak truth to your personal experiences. To keep up with some of the latest photography shared on the web, be sure to regularly browse and follow other members of the VSCO community on the curated VSCO Grid. Also, thank you for remembering to use the hashtag #VSCOcam for all of the spectacular moments you share.

Image by Fayz Nasir / M5

Image by Ellie B / M5

Image by Evelyn Leo / C1

Image by Travis Demello / E3

Image by Ruslan Tokochev / 09

Image by Erik Hecht / HB1

Image by Jbo Choi / HB2

Image by Ahleese / F2

Image by Kristian Kim / C1

Image by Aaron Stearns / M5

Image by Olya Virich / N1

VSCO Cam® Weekly Selects 7/9/14

There is beauty all around us. One doesn’t need to be eccentric to find fascination in the oddities of life. No matter if we view ourselves as artists or not, we should strive never to put down an idea or piece of art too quickly. In the long run, forgoing attention to another’s creativity can lead to naivety and a lack of vision. We must always strive to encourage those who dare to dream; if we do this, we allow the possibility for potentially genius and illuminating ideas to take root in society. The images below are one-of-a-kind and attest to the intrepid and imaginative spirit we regularly come across when browsing the images shared to VSCO Grid℠. We love how modern photography isn’t afraid to explore new perspectives, illuminating things offbeat and spectacular. The highly regarded 20th century black and white photographer Wynn Bullck articulated, “Mysteries lie all around us, even in the most familiar things, waiting only to be perceived.”

Thank you for seeking out decisive moments and expounding upon the beauties of life through photography. Make sure to regularly browse and follow fellow creatives by visiting the daily curated VSCO Grid, which showcases some of the best of contemporary photography. Also, be sure to tag all of your unique and thoughtful images with the hashtag #VSCOcam.

Image by Gypsi / F2 Preset

Image by M. Hickey / M3 Preset

Image by Marcus Jolly

VSCO Cam® Weekly Selects 7/2/14

Life contains a series of interactions, some happen unexpectedly, others we shape ourselves. Despite the amount of control we have in any given situation, we are left to our mind and senses to fully grasp the meaning of our surroundings. For artists, this process is pivotal, examining the world from both a micro and macro vantage point. It is phenomenal to see the images uploaded to VSCO Grid and to view firsthand the diversity of situations captured with such unique insight from creatives of all types. The more we remain open to the viewpoints of others, and trust our own sensibilities, the greater our wisdom becomes. Ansel Adams, one of the most renowned photographers of the last century, challenged his fellow photographers with the prompt, “Ask yourself, ‘Why am I seeing and feeling this? How am I growing? What am I learning?’ Remember: Every coincidence is potentially meaningful. How high your awareness level is determines how much meaning you get from your world. Photography can teach you to improve your awareness level.”

The images included below exemplify the beauty and originality we regularly come across while browsing VSCO Grid. Your artistic sentiments are important, and we admire the sincerity in the scenes you capture. To keep inspired by some of the greatest in modern photography on the web, be sure to regularly check the curated VSCO Grid. Also, be sure to tag all your profound and heartfelt VSCO Cam images with the hashtag #VSCOcam.

Image by Monica Sekhon / E7

Image by Caroline Vu / HB1

Image by Marat Shaya / E1

Image by Chris Wigley / M5

Image by Gopal MS / S6

Image by Glenn Stephenson / M2

Image by May Iolotaluno / A6

Image by Victor Cantisano / E4

Image by Dmitry Barsov