VSCO Cam® Weekly Selects 8/28/14

There are endless paths one can take in exploring creativity, art, and photography. Some may initially choose to learn the technical details behind an artistic craft and then expound upon their personal voice after receiving a strong base of knowledge. Others jump right in and use whatever means necessary to express and communicate their emotions without knowing any technical details. Regardless of whether one has a master’s in art history, enjoys various creative hobbies, sees him or herself as a serious artist, or just enjoys admiring creative work, art has value for everyone. Art and photography can elucidate the beauty and struggles of humankind, no matter if the subject is mundane, dreamlike, abstract, or concrete. Through art, we see that our collective desire is not to cower from life’s complexities, but rather to delve into the remarkable intricacies of being alive. No matter how monumental or trivial the world’s distractions are, it is important for us to never allow them to fog our desire to create. Man Ray, the highly influential artist and surrealist from the early 20th century, keenly stated, “Some of the most complete and satisfying works of art have been produced when their authors had no idea of creating a work of art, but were concerned with the expression of an idea.”

Thank you for using whatever means necessary to express your unique sentiments and thoughts. To keep inspired by the fascinating art and photography that others are creating around the world, be sure to regularly check the curated VSCO Grid™. Also, thank you for remembering to include the hashtag #VSCOcam with all of the exceptional moments you share.

Image by Chris Cody / S3

Image by Valeriya Stepura / C1

Image by Anita Canto 

Image by Nadia Carvajal

Image by Mallory Herndon / F2

Image by Whitney Hayes / E6

Image by Simba98 / P5

Image by Dennis Parrish / 08

Image by Nate Awdykowyz / F2

Image by Antoine Fougere / G3

Image by Kati Dimoff / A4

Image by Alicia Blázquez / G2

VSCO Cam® Weekly Selects 8/20/14

Photography is a craft unlike any other, and there are no limits to its virtuosity. Through selective composition, ordinary objects can become a photographer’s key to form and abstraction, exposure and lighting can illuminate mood and feeling, and ultimately, even the subject itself may guide the story within the frame. The photographs in this week’s selects are prime examples of how people deliberately reveal ingenuity and beauty, no matter what a scene may hold. It takes courage to search for and capture honest moments. A photographer’s intentions, obsessions, and convictions remain on permanent display through the images he or she captures. Playful images reveal a photographer’s aptitude for joy, beautiful scenes expose a photographer’s openness to surroundings, and profound images speak to a photographer’s poetic propensity. Sometimes it may seem frightening how personal and intimate photography can be; in the same way, photography holds no limits, because its power is held in the beautiful complexity that each and every one of us embodies. Bill Brandt, the renowned 20th century photographer whose aberrant style was all his own, alluded to the bounds of photography by saying, “Photography is not a sport. It has no rules. Everything must be dared and tried!”

Thank you for revealing the intricacies that surround you and for sharing your photographs with the world via VSCO Cam and VSCO Grid. To keep up-to-date on some of the latest and greatest imagery shared online, be sure to visit the curated VSCO Grid. Also, thank you for remembering to include the hashtag #VSCOcam with all of the heartfelt and enlightening moments you share.

Image by Dakota Sandras / M6

Image by Jack Orton / HB2

Image by Sierra Gordon / M3

Image by Mateusz Kuś / A4

Image by Heather Wilson / G3

Image by Onur Yuksel / A1

Image by Angie Wu / E3

Image by Lauren Cascio / F2

Image by Mono Delespacio / G3

Image by Nick Chavez / E6

VSCO Cam® Weekly Selects 8/13/14

Regardless of whether a creative individual maintains a social life that is hermetic or communal, an artist must remain bold in his or her work. In this day and age, there is such a massive amount of communication, production, and trade throughout the world that it can be easy to feel lost within the multitude. However, rather than viewing the present state of the world as overwhelming, we as modern creatives can choose to embrace it. We can view the chaos as freeing and embellish our own lives with the thoughts and stories others share. The images included in this week’s selects are diverse, daring, and insightful. It is a constant inspiration to see images shared on VSCO Grid that choose to face and illuminate the beautiful intricacies of life, no matter how complex they may be. There will always be moments of failure and images that don’t quite communicate the way an artist intended; however, through experimentation and dedication, ethereal ideas can become definite. The highly regarded 19th century poet Christina Rossetti attested to the importance of perseverance when she said, “Can anything be sadder than work left unfinished? Yes; work never begun.”

Thank you for not being afraid as you try new things and for sharing your creative vision with others. To keep inspired by compelling content shared from creatives around the world, be sure to regularly visit the curated VSCO Grid. Also, thank you for remembering to include the hashtag #VSCOcam with all of the one-of-a-kind moments you share.

Image by Sergio Motilla / HB2

Image by Morgan Phillips / K2

Image by Jane13 / C1

Image by Rory Bain / M5

Image by Matt Brock / P8

Image by Romana Vera / A6

Image by Jordan Lynch / M1

Image by Tomas Toleikis / P5

Image by Jainam Sheth / M3

VSCO Cam® Weekly Selects 8/6/14

From the myriad of images uploaded to VSCO Grid every week, we curate twelve exceptional photographs to be included in the VSCO Cam Weekly Selects. Visceral, quiet, or euphoric, the photos selected this week stir a wide range of emotions.

Photography takes dedication, passion, and time, no matter your skill level. Landscape photographers can spend hours waiting for the right light or cloud cover to capture the most spectacular moment. War photographers and photojournalists can spend months, or even years, coordinating on and off the field to make contact with people in hard-to-access regions. Regardless of whether you take a photo of a flower or an explosion, photographs have a mysterious way of reflecting the nature of the photographer, even beyond the subjects themselves. Being able to see things through another’s point of view is something that will always remain profound. Being able to examine the way we each view the world in our own unique way can be enlightening. Twentieth century black and white photographer Ruth Bernhard aptly put the photographic process into perspective by stating, “There is no such thing as taking too much time, because your soul is in that picture.”

Thank you for not being afraid to delve into the world of your subject and share your unique insight through the photos you capture. To keep up with some of the best modern creatives and photographers from around the world, be sure to regularly visit the curated VSCO Grid. Also, remember to tag all of the wondrous moments you share with the hashtag #VSCOcam.

Image by Sean Metcalf / G2

Image by Lachlan Welsh / HB2

Image by Krzy Nowak / A6

Image by Angie Wu / E7

Image by Daniel Mudliar / E4

Image by David J Camba 

Image by Lago Cirino

Image by Artem Monakhov / M5

Image by Wanda Lephoto / B1

Image by Luz Schneider / C2

Image by Jerad Carr / C1

Image by Katy Cao / F2

VSCO Cam® Weekly Selects 7/30/14

The photographs included in this week’s VSCO Cam Weekly Selects reveal scenes that are vibrant and lively. VSCO Grid is continually updated with images of moments that lift one’s spirit and affirm the joys of life. Whether they capture the quirky events that make us laugh or moments of pride that boost our confidence, photos have the power to instill positive change within us. We are proud of the VSCO community and people’s capacity to make the most of playful, sincere occasions. The 20th century photographer and early proponent of socially conscious photography, Berenice Abbot, exclaimed, “Some people are still unaware that reality contains unparalleled beauties. The fantastic and unexpected, the ever-changing and renewing is nowhere so exemplified as in real life itself.”

Thank you for capturing and sharing the joyful moments that unfold before you. To keep up-to-date on some of the best creatives and photographers on the web, be sure to regularly visit the curated VSCO Grid. Create your own VSCO Grid in-app to share your photos and easily follow other users in the VSCO community. Also, thank you for remembering to tag all the thoughtful, energetic moments you share with the hashtag #VSCOcam.

Image by Mara Lazaridou

Image by Majaklimk / G3

Image by Rune Ranch / HB2

Image by Hannah Durston / C1

Image by Abbey Taylor / C1 

Image by Angela Higgins / C2

Image by Lars Andersson

Image by Rui Ferreira / M5

Image by Chris Bowden / 06

Image by Ace Abellanosa / C1

Image by Eva Lind / M5

Image by Selma Ahlsand / C1