VSCO Cam® Weekly Selects 4/23/14

The images uploaded to VSCO Grid are astounding, and as we curate through the photos on a daily basis, we are inspired and delighted. Photography can be a challenging endeavor; however, we are immensely encouraged by the multitude of people putting their best foot forward and recording exceptional moments and scenes.

The array of content and subject matter varies greatly in this week’s selects, and each image exhibits an impression or story all its own. By looking at photographs, we not only see the world presented through an image, but more importantly, we see the world presented from another human being’s specific point of view. Each and every one of us possesses unique emotions and ingenuity to aid in our creative process. Sometimes, it can seem as though society aims to suppress the feelings and imagination of the individual. Yet it is our duty not to let this happen, but rather use our creative means to communicate in ways that speak beyond words, constructs, and social boundaries. The famous American realist painter Edward Hopper realized the importance of creative power when he said, "No amount of skillful invention can replace the essential element of imagination.”

Thank you for including your voice in your photographs. To keep updated on some of the greatest imagery shared by your fellow creatives, make sure to visit the daily curated VSCO Grid. Also, thank you for remembering to include the hashtag #VSCOcam with all of your spectacular imagery.

Image by Jordan Whitney 

Image by Kyle Steed / M6 Preset

Image by Chad Verly / F1 Preset

Image by T. Kolb / X1 Preset

VSCO Cam® Weekly Selects 4/16/14

Every week, after searching through thousands of images uploaded to VSCO Grid℠, we like to share 12 of the outstanding images that we’ve encountered. It is so refreshing to witness the dynamic and thought-provoking photographs that are consistently shared amongst the VSCO community. We love that now more than ever, people are getting involved in photography and interacting with the ideas that others express.

The photos shared to VSCO Grid are diverse, not only because they span locations from around the world, but because the sensibility and feelings expressed range across a broad spectrum. This week’s selects are prime examples of photography’s ability to propel a viewer into different realms of emotion. Smiling children running ecstatic and free, a school bus crushed beneath an enormous tree, and an octopus kite swimming through the sky are just some of the engaging, emotive, and introspective moments from this week’s selects. Edward Abbey, the American author and essayist, rightly articulated humanity’s daily reverence to life when he said, “Our job is to record, each in his own way, this world of light and shadow and time that will never come again exactly as it is today.”

Thank you for tuning in so attentively to the things around you and expressing through photographs what you see and feel. To keep updated on some of the best modern imagery on the web, be sure to frequent the daily curated VSCO Grid within the VSCO Cam app. Also, remember to tag all of your unique and beautiful VSCO Cam images with the hashtag #VSCOCam.

Image by Clay P. / S3 Preset

Image by Nastuxa / G3 Preset

Image by Sam Horine / F2 Preset

Image by Andrea Dabene 

VSCO Cam® Weekly Selects 4/9/14

Every week, we go through thousands of VSCO Cam images in search of 12 remarkable photographs to include in the VSCO Cam Weekly Selects. The images people share to VSCO Grid, from all around the world, are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also inspiring. We feel honored to be part of such a constructive community, and we believe that every photographer’s voice within the VSCO community is an important one.

Photography is an art form that can sometimes be hard to pin down. At times, it can be in your face, other times subversive, and it can even be completely abstract. Photography is a surreal reflection of our lives; it is a mirror that stands still for eternity. This week’s selection of images testify to the heartfelt, creative, colorful, and overall artistic sentiments that people regularly share on VSCO Grid. No matter how hard we may try, feelings and emotions are things that can never be fully expressed to the true sensation others experience. However, art and photography can bring us wonderfully close to encountering someone else’s experience, sometimes so close we feel a breath of connection. Diego Rivera, the highly esteemed Mexican painter, described the responsibility of artists when he said, "To be an artist, one must . . . never shirk from the truth as he understands it, never withdraw from life.”

Thank you for sharing the way you see the world with others and allowing yourself to experience the perspectives of others. To keep up-to-date on some of the best modern photography on the web, be sure to frequent the daily curated VSCO Grid within the VSCO Cam app. Also, thank you for remembering to hashtag all of the marvelous images you share with the hashtag #VSCOcam.

Image by T. Gasie / F1 Preset

Image by Bridget Kenny

Image by Angela Park / A4 Preset

Image by Edu 

VSCO Cam® Best of Analog / Aesthetic

From the surreal to the heartfelt, photography can carry many moods or aesthetics. There are endless possibilities and combinations in creating, processing, and sharing photos, and we are so excited to be a part of that creative expression through VSCO Cam & VSCO Grid.

Recently, we were excited to release the Analog / Aesthetic Preset Pack free of charge. For a limited time, A4-A6 will be available for download in-app in the VSCO Cam Store. Since the launch of this pack, we have been amazed to witness the ways people have utilized these classic, analog film inspired Presets. While exploring images processed using A4, A5, or A6 on the VSCO Grid, a diverse set of images emerged that boast natural, ivory hues or subtle blues.

Consisting of a varied and exciting collection of moments, below are some of our favorite photos that were recently processed using A4, A5, or A6. In addition to the images below, discover more photos processed using specific VSCO Cam Presets by utilizing Image Search on VSCO Grid.

Image by Nastia Goncharova / A5 Preset

Image by Jesse Morrow / A6 Preset

Image by Michael Riley / A6 Preset

Image by Kieran Taylor / A4 Preset

Image by Mohammed AlMukhaiter / A6 Preset

Image by Eugene McFly / A6 Preset

Image by Benjamin Hole / A6 Preset

Image by Nino Pines / A6 Preset

Image by Miles Price / A6 Preset

Image by Elisabeth Erin / A6 Preset

Image by Anngu Chen / A4 Preset

Image by Emmaline Zanelli / A6 Preset

Image by Klodjana Dervishi / A5 Preset

VSCO Cam® Weekly Selects 4/3/14

It is such a treat going through the images uploaded to people’s VSCO Grids. We regularly come across spectacular photographs that are thoughtful, artistic, and one-of-a-kind. Every week, for the VSCO Cam Weekly Selects, we like to share a small collection of some of the most astounding images we’ve recently come across.

The subjects of this week’s selects provide enlightenment and wonder, each photo telling a meaningful story that is both interesting and unique. We should not desensitize our feelings or forget to focus on even the most subtle of interactions. All around there are connections and contrasts reminding us of how complex and beautiful the world is, and as creatives, we must take the time and make the effort to notice such things. Bernice Abbott, an American photographer whose classic black and white images portrayed the true grit of New York, exclaimed, “I agree that all good photographs are documents, but I also know that all documents are certainly not good photographs. Furthermore, a good photographer does not merely document, he probes the subject, he ‘uncovers’ it...”

Thank you for noticing and sharing everything from the small nuances to the vivid moments you experience day in and day out. To keep updated on some of the best photographs shared by contemporaries from all around the world, be sure to frequent the curated VSCO Grid within the VSCO Cam app. Also, thank you for remembering to hashtag all of your fascinating VSCO Cam photographs #VSCOcam.

Image by Louis Pena / M5 Preset

Image by Danny Tran / M3 Preset