A Century of Artifice

Artist Initiative — Event recap

Inside the striking National Sawdust, a packed house awaited Artist Initiative recipient Michael Cina. In his artist talk, Cina discussed A Century of Artifice, a book which pays tribute to the body of work he’s done with acclaimed record label Ghostly International, and is now available for purchase.

Join the DSCO

Introducing GIFs by VSCO

DSCO (pronounced ‘disco’) is our new app for GIF creation. Available now for free, and exclusively on devices running iOS 8.4 and above, DSCO lets you up your GIF game with the superior imaging technology VSCO is known for. Explore new ways to express your creativity, and #JoinTheDSCO.

Travel Brilliantly

Marriott Hotels city guide, curated by VSCO

Always looking to innovate travel, Marriott Hotels partnered with local VSCO photographers and writers to capture their favorite must-sees in five coveted destinations: Portland, Berlin, Taipei, Paris, and Cairo. Follow Marriott’s VSCO on travelbrilliantly.vsco.co to inspire your wanderlust.

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